How are unspent funds refunded?

  • In Yandex.Display, you can only get a refund for auction lines that were paid using credit. Funds withdrawn from a line are credited towards your agency's future advance payments (i.e. ads paid for using credit).
  • After you get a refund, you can't resume impressions for that line. To participate in the auction again, you have to create a new line.
  • If you need to withdraw unspent funds for a postpaid line, stop impressions and contact your main manager at Yandex.
To get a refund for unspent funds:
  1. On the ad campaign page, go to the Lines or Flights tab.
  2. Select the appropriate schedule.
  3. Click the  → Refund money button.

Ads will stop displaying within a few hours. After impressions stop, your unspent funds will be withdrawn from the line.