How can I make sure that my ads are being served?

The ad impressions test (line targeting) is a demonstration of the banner. While the test is running, targeting and impressions are not counted in your statistics (in other words, you don't pay for the test).

You can only test ad displays that are “Active”.

To make sure that your ad is being served:
  1. On the campaign page, go to the Lines tab.
  2. Select a line to test.
  3. Click Actions → Placement targeting.

  4. Go to one of the places indicated in the line settings.

    To test audio ads, go to the Ya.Music site (under your username if you don't have a paid subscription) and click next to “Today”.

  5. You will see your banner on the site that's selected. The banner will only display in your browser and will remain up for 10 minutes.

If you don't see your banner on the site, contact your main manager at Yandex.