Step 4. Add and configure line

A line is an ad-serving plan based on the product you choose and your impression schedule. You can customize a line using various settings, such as impression geography and user interests.

To add a new line, go to the ad campaign page and click + Create. You'll see a page containing groups of settings.

Line settings (targeting)

If you select multiple types of targeting, ads will be served to users who satisfy all your settings simultaneously.

An advertiser sets up targeting Users → Demographics and chooses gender “Women”, then configures the target Users → Search retargeting and chooses “Kitchen. Coffee makers”, “Kitchen. Kitchen stoves”.
As a result, ads will be served to the following users:
  • Women who entered search terms related to coffee makers
  • Women who entered search terms related to kitchen stoves.

The line settings that are available may vary depending on the product you select.

Targeting coverage forecast


The targeting coverage forecast is only available for groups of auction products.

For each type of targeting, you can request an audience coverage forecast. The forecast:
  • Shows average coverage for the chosen targeting types over a week.
  • Helps you compare similar targeting types.
  • Helps you understand how much your audience will decrease if you select several targeting types.

You can find out more about forecasts in the Auction forecast section.