Step 2. Add your client (advertiser)

On the Clients page there is a list of your agency's clients that place banner ads on Yandex. If you want to plan an advertising campaign for a client that is not in the list, click +Create.

Fill out the form that appears:
  1. Select your agency name from the list.
  2. Enter your client's email address and their website URL.
  3. In the Advertiser in TNS directory section, start typing the name of the advertiser, and then select it from the list of suggestions.

  4. If the advertiser's name is already in the directory, you will see the confirmation: Advertiser found. If the advertiser is not in the TNS directory:
    1. Click I couldn't find an advertiser.
    2. Enter the name of the advertiser and select the most appropriate category. You can also enter the brand name.
  5. Click Save.

The advertiser's status will be “Awaiting moderation” and the information you added will be sent for moderation. The moderator will check if the advertiser is new or has already posted ads on Yandex and enter them into the database if necessary. When this happens, the advertiser's status will change to “Confirmed” and you can create an advertising campaign for them.

If any inconsistencies are discovered during moderation, the advertiser's status will change to “Rejected”.

The main reasons why requests get rejected:
  • Advertiser's name does not match information on their site
  • Link doesn't work on advertiser's site
  • Brand or category doesn't match advertiser