Basic concepts

Autocontinue schedule
The option to continue serving ads if the target number of impressions was not reached by the end of the planned period. If autocontinue is not enabled, ads will stop displaying.
An ad that has a media file and set parameters (for example, Alt text and a display counter).
A purchasing method that lets advertisers pay for a certain number of banner impressions (with banner displays from several advertisers alternating on the site).
Interface element with information about the impression schedule.
Approved budget
The amount that the advertiser paid or their approved credit line.
Approved number of impressions
The number of impressions that can be served. It is calculated based on the approved budget and CPM restrictions: approved budget * 1,000/CPM
A set of lines and banners.
Places (advertising places)
The place where the banner is displayed on a Yandex service page. It's important to be aware of the banner size that a particular place can accommodate (for example, 728x90).
Product (ad product)

An item in the Yandex price list that determines the ad's sales parameters. Products include the following attributes:

  • Ad place (or set of places)

  • Purchase method (dynamic or static; purchase based on fixed price or auction)

  • Minimal order quantity (for example, 300K impressions)

  • available targeting (for example, gender, age, interests)
A purchasing method that lets advertisers pay for impressions shown during a particular time span (for example, over a given week or month). The number of impressions is not limited with this method. Banners display either to a site's entire audience (100% share of voice) or to a given percent of it (for example, 20% or 50% SOV).
A plan for serving ads on a concrete site (or set of sites) as part of a particular ad campaign. Lines include:
  • Product name
  • Number of impressions (for the dynamic method) or share of voice (for the static method)
  • Impression schedule (periods when the banner will display)
The banner display period and method.
The option to distribute the planned number of impressions over the entire period. If you don't distribute impressions, they might run out before the time period ends.