Accessing Disk over WebDAV

The “Yandex.Disk” application lets you sync your files directly from your computer. If for whatever reason you cannot install the application (if you use Linux for example) or you do not want to store a complete Disk backup on your computer, we recommend using the Yandex.Disk web interface or a WebDAV application.

    General Disk settings

    Please use the following settings when connecting to Yandex.Disk via WebDAV:

    Server address:

    Login (Username): your Yandex username.

    Password: your password on Yandex (or application password if you switched on two-factor authentication).

    Note. Windows may not support WebDAV connections over HTTPS (and show an “Invalid folder name” error). If this happens, try changing the server address to

    Applications supporting WebDAV

    Attention. Third-party software may have limitations on the amount and size of uploaded files, unrelated to Disk.
    Mac OS X
    iPhone and iPad
    • Built-in WebDAV application.

    • You can find appropriate applications in the Nokia Ovi store using the keyword “webdav”.

    You can also use other applications supporting Yandex.Disk to manage your Disk files.