Uploading files to Disk

Attention. The maximum individual file size on Disk is 10 GB.

To upload files larger than 2 GB, use the “Yandex.Disk” application (for Windows or for Mac OS) or the WebDAV client. Browsers cannot handle such large files.

Uploading files from the web interface

  1. Go to the Disk page.
  2. Open the Yandex.Disk folder you want to add files to.
  3. Drag separate files or an entire folder to the page (you can also upload separate files to the page by clicking Upload).
    Note. If your folders aren't uploading, make sure you are using a browser powered by WebKit.

  4. To upload more files, click Upload more. To hide the upload box, click Hide.

You can quit loading files while they are in the process of loading. To do this, click Cancel all uploads.

You can also share a link to the file as soon as it has uploaded.

Uploading from iOS and Android devices

The Yandex.Disk mobile apps let you upload files from your phone as well as take photos and save them directly to Disk.

Copying files shared by others

If someone shares a link to a file stored on Yandex.Disk with you, you can copy this file to your Disk.

To copy a file, click on the link you received and click Save to Yandex.Disk. The file will be moved to your Downloads folder on Yandex.Disk.

You can find the Downloads folder in the upper panel of Yandex.Disk. To do this, click  → Downloads.

Importing photos from social networks

You can upload your photos to Yandex.Disk from VK, Facebook, Instagram, and Google+.

Just follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Photos from social networks section:

  2. Choose your social network and click Import:

  3. (Optional) Log in and allow Yandex to access your social network account.
    Note. To connect your social network account to Yandex.Disk, Yandex needs to access your account. Yandex will not use your account information in any way that you did not give us permission to.
  4. Select albums and click Next. Photos will then be imported to your Social networks folder.