I couldn't find certain buttons or other elements

How can I find information about files and the downloads counter?

To access the properties panel, click on the file or folder icon and it will appear on the right side of the screen, where you can find detailed information about it:

  • file name, which can be edited
  • file size
  • number of times file was downloaded
  • a thumbnail image (if one was selected)
You can manage multiple files or folders at once

Now you can select multiple files or folders and move, copy or delete them using buttons in the properties panel on the right. You can simultaneously select both files and folders.


It isn't possible to simultaneously download multiple files that you've checked. You also can't highlight and instantly share multiple files. These actions can only be performed with a single file or folder.

Where is the “Download” button?

Detailed information about a file will appear to the right of it's icon when you click on it; you'll also see a Download button. For some file types you'll also see a View button.