Friend invites


Ensure that the person you invited has not already registered on Yandex.Disk. If they've already signed up for the service, the invite will not count.

You can get up to an extra 10 GB of storage on Yandex.Disk by inviting friends. You can send an invitation or a unique invite link on page You will receive an additional 0.5 GB on Yandex.Disk for each invite accepted, while your friend will receive an extra 1 GB.


The person invited must install the Yandex.Disk program and log in from their computer to activate the invite. The invite will not count if you and your friend log in to the app from the same computer. Program installation is required.

You can see information on the number of invites accepted on the invite page.

  • Invite accepted — the user has successfully registered, installed the app, and logged in. You will receive 0.5 GB of extra space.

  • Awaiting software installation – the invite has been accepted but the user has either not installed the app or not logged in yet. You will receive your extra space once the user has logged in.

  • Suspicious activation – the user logged into the app from the same computer as you.

This list does not include users that have not followed the unique invite link or have not yet accepted the invite.