Other questions about using the Yandex.Disk app

If you still can't find the answer to your question in any of our Help sections, feel free to ask us here.

Please provide as much detail about the problem as possible, including what circumstances surrounded it and in what order you performed the actions leading up to it. Attach a screenshot if possible.

We will also need the following information:

  • your Yandex username
  • the version and build of Yandex.Disk
  • the name and version of your operating system;
  • the name of any antiviruses or firewalls;
  • the data archive from the .sync folder
How to get your data archive from the .sync folder

The .sync folder is hidden in your Yandex.Disk folder. Enable the option to display hidden files in your system settings.

To show hidden files in Windows, go to Control Panel → Appearance and Personalization → Folder Options in the menu. Then select Show Hidden Files and Folders in the window that appears. Save your changes.

Go back to the Yandex.Disk folder and copy the .sync folder to another place on your computer. Archive the copied folder.