I'm getting an error message

Connection error

The program cannot connect to the server. Please make sure that your internet connection is stable and try disabling any antiviruses or firewalls.

Check that the following ports are open: 443, 5222. If you use a a proxy server, try disabling it.

Unable to read files

The app cannot access certain files in the Yandex.Disk folder. This means that the file is either in use by another program or the file name contains invalid (non-Unicode) characters.

Check the program's access rights to your Yandex.Disk folder and the files it contains. Files for syncing can not be in use by another program.

Login error

This error means that you are not logged in. Click on the error message and enter your username and password.

Storage allowance reached

You have run out of storage space on Yandex.Disk. Delete any files you no longer need or empty your Trash.

Sync folder unavailable

The folder selected for synchronization is not accessible or has been deleted. Check that the folder is in the right place or select another folder.

Disk setup not complete

You installed the app but didn't select a folder to sync or are not logged in to the program.

Sync folder conflict

The folder you entered in the program settings is already being used by another Yandex.Disk account. It is not possible to use the same synchronization folder with different accounts. Choose a different folder in the program settings.

Sync folder not selected

You haven't selected a folder to sync with Yandex.Disk. Select a folder in the app settings.

It is not possible to upload a file greater than 10 GB

The Yandex.Disk folder contains files over 10 GB in size. Files of this size cannot be uploaded to Disk.