Files won't sync

The Yandex.Disk icon, which is located in the notification panel for Windows or in the menu bar for Mac OS X, displays one of the following sync statuses:

  • — all files synced

  • — syncing

  • — during the synchronization process, an error occurred.

If files copied to your Yandex.Disk folder did not appear on the server or your other computers, then synchronization is not enabled or has not been completed. Check if synchronization is enabled in the program. Also check your internet connection's stability and make sure the files you want to sync are not open in another program.

The program's current status is "Processing data"
Shorten the file names in the Yandex.Disk folder. Please check your internet connection, or try disabling your antivirus or firewall.
The program status is "Synchronized", but your files are not there.
If your files are located in the Yandex.Disk folder, but haven't shown up on your other computers or in the web interface, please contact us using the form below.
The synchronization speed is slow
The program calculates the synchronization speed in order to save traffic and system resources. Please be aware that there may be a number of reasons why your sync speed is slow that have nothing to do with Yandex.Disk. For example, your provider may place limits on your speed. Check your internet connection speed.
An error message appeared during synchronization
You can find explanations for what the error messages mean on the errors page.

You can find detailed information about synchronization in the Syncing data between computers section.