Trouble logging in

Install the latest version of the program. Make sure that you've entered your Yandex account password correctly.

If you receive any of the following error messages:

An error occurred. Please check your internet connection

The program cannot connect to the server. Please check your internet connection, or try disabling your antivirus software or firewall. This error may also be caused by a proxy server.

Connection error. Connection error. Please check your antivirus or firewall settings.
  1. Please check your internet connection.

  2. Make sure that your computer's time and date are correct.

  3. The ports used by the program must be open. Check whether your provider, antivirus or firewall has blocked any of the following ports: 433, 5222.
  4. Try disabling certificate verification in your antivirus settings.

    To disable the secure connection verification in “Kaspersky” products, go to: SettingsAdvanced SettingsNetwork. Uncheck the Scan encrypted connections option.

    Disable HTTPS protocol scanning for ESET products: open the settings menu under the Computer Scan tab. Advanced settingsWeb and emailWeb access and antiphishing protectionScanner setupHTTP, HTTPS. Check the Do not scan HTTPS setting.