I was invited to a shared folder

If you have been granted access to a folder, a copy of it will appear on your Yandex.Disk. Depending on the access rights to the shared folder, users can do the following:

  • Each authorized user can rename and move shared folders on their personal Yandex.Disk. This does not have any effect on granting or getting access rights.
  • Authorized users can revoke their own access to a shared folder by deleting the copy from their own Disk.
  • The folder owner can delete it. To do this, disable folder sharing, then delete it and empty Trash. In this case, all users will lose their access rights to the folder.
  • A user with full access can view, download, modify, publish and delete files from a shared folder.
  • A user with Read-only access can view and download files from a shared folder.
    Note. If you can't modify or delete a file from a shared folder, ask the owner for full access to the folder.

When you make changes to a shared folder, such as renaming, adding or commenting on a file, all the authorized users see your changes. Information about the changes is also displayed in History on their Disk.

Restriction. You can accept invitations for up to 50 shared folders.
  1. Do other people's folders use up space on my Yandex.Disk?
  2. Co-authoring documents

Do other people's folders use up space on my Yandex.Disk?

No, a shared folder takes up space only on its owner's Disk. Once you accept the invitation, the service copies the folder to your Disk, but space occupied by the folder isn't counted. This means you can accept an invitation to access a folder of any size, regardless of the space available on your Disk.

If you run out of space on your Disk, you won't be able to upload files to a shared folder, even if you are not the owner of this folder. If you want to be able to upload files to a shared folder, some free space should remain on your Yandex.Disk, even though the files won't take up space.