Files are missing from Yandex.Disk

If you can't find your files on Yandex.Disk, they probably ended up in another folder or the Trash. If you remember the file name, extension, or body text, try searching your Yandex.Disk folders and the Trash for it.

You can also check your history to see what happened with your missing files.

Note. If you have several Yandex accounts, make sure that you are logged in to the account where you're expecting to find your files. You may be looking for files on the wrong Disk.

Restore files from the Trash

If your missing files are not in the Trash, it's possible that they were deleted if more than a month has elapsed (the Trash is automatically emptied after a month). If that's the case, those files can't be restored.

If your files were deleted less than a month ago, you can restore them:

  1. Open the Trash folder.
  2. Select the files you want to restore.
  3. In the top panel, click the Restore button.

Causes of file deletion

Files were deleted from the “Yandex.Disk” folder on your computer

When you delete a file from the Yandex.Disk folder on your computer, it is automatically moved to the Trash on the Yandex.Disk server. If you want your files to be available only through the browser and you don't want them taking up space on your computer, set up custom syncing (see the instructions for Windows and macOS).

Files were deleted from the mobile app

If you delete a file in the mobile app, it is automatically moved to the Trash on the Yandex.Disk server.

Files were deleted by one of the people who have access to your shared folder

If you have a shared folder and granted others full access to it, that means that those people can change or delete files within that folder. If someone who has access to your shared folder deletes a file from it, then the file will automatically move to the Trash of both the person who deleted it and the folder's owner. Anyone else with access to the folder will not be able to restore the deleted file.

Files were deleted when I was connected to WebDAV

If you delete files when connected over WebDAV, then you can't restore them. These files don't end up in your Trash; they are deleted immediately from Yandex's servers.