Photo and video auto-uploads

You can configure Disk automatically to upload photos and videos from any storage device (camera, smartphone, memory card etc.) with the Windows or Mac OS applications. Simply connect the device to your computer and all the photos and video files stored will be automatically uploaded to the “Camera Uploads” folder. This folder will be available on all Disk applications and the website. You can also get to this folder from the panel on the left:

Photo and video auto-uploads are also available with the Android and iOS apps.

Attention. The Camera Uploads folder cannot be modified. If you rename, delete or move the “Camera Uploads” folder, a new folder with the same name will be created in its place and all your photos and videos will be uploaded there.

When new photos or videos are automatically uploaded to Yandex.Disk, you will see a pop-up notification in the upper-right corner of the screen. This information will also appear in your list of all notifications. To view all your notifications, click . If you don't want to get pop-up notifications about auto-uploads, click and turn off the appropriate options.

You can get a public link to the “Camera Uploads” folder or create sharing to it. All the files uploaded to this folder will be available to those people you shared the folder with or sent a public link.

If you don't want to store your photos and videos in the “Camera Uploads” folder, you can move them to any other Disk folder. Yandex.Disk will only upload new photos to this folder.

If you have used all available space on Disk, you will not be able to upload new files. All your existing files on Disk will still be available to view, download, share etc.