Auto-upload photos and videos from mobile devices​

Configure unlimited auto-uploads of media files to Yandex Disk if you take a lot of photos and videos with your phone or tablet. This way, your photos won't be lost even if something happens to your phone or tablet.

With unlimited auto-uploads enabled, photos and videos don't use up space on your Yandex Disk. They are available on the service page and in the mobile app, under Photos.

Note. Unlimited photo and video uploads are only available with a Yandex 360 Premium subscription.

To learn more about unlimited auto-uploads, see the relevant Help section:

Which folder will my photos and videos be in?

Automatically uploaded files will be displayed in Photos and Feed. With unlimited auto-uploads enabled, photos and videos aren't saved to the Camera Uploads folder or synced with the computer program.

If you want to sync photos and videos with your computer:

  • Open the Photos section and copy photos to the desired folder on Yandex Disk.
  • Download photos and videos to your computer using Yandex Disk 3.0 (see instructions for Windows, macOS).
  • Disable unlimited auto-uploads: photos and videos will be uploaded to the Camera folder and use up space on Yandex Disk. To learn more about auto-uploading to the Camera Uploads folder, see this article.