Yandex.Disk certificate

If you have a Yandex ID and a Yandex.Disk certificate, you can increase your Yandex.Disk space by the amount shown in your certificate.

To activate the code from your certificate, send your Yandex account name and code to the email address shown in your certificate.

You can get a certificate as a gift from Yandex for participating in a competition or conference, as part of a promotion, or as a thank-you gift.

Certificate conditions:

  1. Before activating your code, you need to log in to “Yandex.Disk” service or program at least once.
  2. The code must be activated within the time specified in the certificate.
  3. Each certificate can only be used once to add space to your Yandex.Disk.
  4. The increased space in Yandex.Disk is granted to the user who sends their login and code shown in the certificate to Yandex first.
  5. Each account can only be given extra space on Yandex.Disk once.