Gigabytes for free

Participate in promotions that we organize with our partners. You will be able to obtain additional disk space on top of the default 10 GB.

Ongoing promotions

16 GB for users of Mobile Yandex.Mail

Attention. This promotion is valid only when installing version 2.10 for Android and 2.12 for iOS.

Install the mobile app for Yandex.Mail to increase your storage by 16 GB for one year from the date of the first log-in to the app. The promotion starts June 30, 2015 and expires on July 13, 2015.

Restriction. Your Yandex.Disk storage space will only increase if you are installing the Yandex.Mail mobile app for the first time. Your Yandex.Disk storage space will not be increased in the following cases:
  • you re-installed the app;
  • you installed the app after deleting it from the same device;
  • you installed the app on another device with the same operating system.