Get extra GB and other prizes for taking part in promotions

Participate in promotional events sponsored by Yandex and partner companies. Promotions are a way to get additional disk space on top of the default 10 GB, plus other prizes.

  1. Current promotions
  2. Past promotions

Current promotions

Past promotions

Get 32 GB for enabling mobile auto-uploads

If you install the Yandex.Disk mobile app and enable auto-uploading for photos and videos in your settings, we will increase your Yandex.Disk storage to 32 GB. You get to keep the extra space indefinitely from the moment your reward is granted.

The event runs from April 3 through July 3, 2017. To get the 32 GB of space, you need to upload at least one photo or video before July 3.

If you have already installed the mobile app and enabled auto-uploads, you will get your reward automatically when you upload your first file.

16 GB for users of Mobile Yandex.Mail

Attention. This promotion only applied to users who installed version 2.10 of the app for Android or 2.12 for iOS.

When a user installed the mobile app for Yandex.Mail, their Yandex.Disk space increased by 16 GB for one year from the date they first logged in to the app. The promotion ran from June 30, 2015 through July 13, 2015.

Restriction. Yandex.Disk storage space only increased if the user installed the Yandex.Mail mobile app for the first time. Yandex.Disk space did not increase in the following cases:
  • If app was re-installed
  • If app was installed after it was deleted from the same device
  • If app was installed on a different device with the same operating system