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Participate in promotions that we organize with our partners. You will be able to obtain additional disk space on top of the default 10 GB.

Ongoing promotions

Rules of the 32 gb of disk space for auto-uploads promotional event

32 Gb of Disk Space for Auto-Uploads promotional event ("Event") is held by YANDEX, a limited liability company, TIN 7736207543, having its legal and actual address at: 16 Lev Tolstoy Street, Moscow 119021, Russian Federation ("Organizer").
  1. Event Period: from 3rd of April, 2017 through 11:59 pm (Moscow time), 3rd of July, 2017.
  2. Event Objective: to attract users to Yandex.Disk, a mobile application available for:
  3. Event Participants: to be eligible to take part in the Event, participants must be natural persons over the age of 18, with full legal capacity and complying with all of the requirements set out in Clause 4 hereof ("Participants").
  4. Event Terms:

    To take part in the Event, each Participant must:

    1. Within the period referred to in Clause 1 hereof, install the Application (if not already installed) on his/her smartphone ("Smartphone").
    2. Enable the Auto-Upload option in the Application settings, by selecting the auto upload of photos and/or videos via a Wi-Fi network or "Via any network".
    3. Using the auto-upload option in the Application, upload at least one photo and/or video from the Gallery/Photo section of his/her Smartphone within the Event Period referred to in Clause 1 hereof.
  5. Event Award:
    1. The Award is Thirty-Two (32) gigabytes of disk space on Yandex servers to be provided through the Yandex.Disk service.
    2. The Award may not be sold and/or transferred to any third party.
    3. The Award shall be given to each Event Participant upon his/her compliance with the terms set out herein and performance of the operation referred to in Clause 4.3 hereof.
    4. The Award may only be received within the Event Period referred to in Clause 1 hereof, subject to the terms set out in Clause 4 hereof having been met.
    5. Participants shall use the Award subject to the Terms of Use of the Yandex.Disk Service and the License Agreement for Use of the Yandex.Disk Software on Mobile Devices.
    6. The Participants are exempt from personal income tax in respect of the income from the Award, since the value of one Award does not exceed Four Thousand (4,000) rubles.
  6. The Event is held: worldwide.
  7. Miscellaneous:
    1. By performing the operations referred to Clause 4 hereof, each Participant unconditionally accepts these Rules and also consents to his/her personal data specified in the registration form, and any other personal data, to be furnished by such Participant to the Organizer for the purposes of the Event, being processed by the Organizer, including performing any of the acts provided for in Article 3.3 of Russian Federal Law No. 152-FZ On Personal Data, dated 27 July 2006.

      The list of personal data operations in respect of which consent is granted: personal data processing, including collection, recording, systematization, accumulation, storage, alteration (update, modification), retrieval, use, transfer (dissemination, provision, access, including via the website of YANDEX LLC), depersonalization, blocking, deletion or destruction of data. Such consent shall be valid for Three (3) years.

    2. The Organizer reserves the right to publish additional information in respect of, or amendments to, the terms of the Event. Any updates shall be timely published at the following address: or emailed to the Participants.
    3. The Organizer shall not be liable for the occurrence of any circumstances beyond its control (circumstances outside its control caused by force majeure), including: acts of God, emergencies, civil disorders, strikes, acts of war, third party wrongful actions or entry into force of any legislation, regulations or orders of governmental authorities or other circumstances beyond the Organizer's control, which are unavoidable under the given conditions.
    4. The Organizer may opt not to give the Award to any Participant should any of the provisions hereof be violated.
    5. Any disputes relating to this Event shall be governed by the effective laws of the Russian Federation.
    6. Any disputes or controversies arising in connection with the arrangement or conduct of the Event shall resolved through negotiations. Any disputes not settled through negotiations shall be resolved by court at the location of the Organizer.

Past promotions

16 GB for users of Mobile Yandex.Mail

Attention. This promotion is valid only when installing version 2.10 for Android and 2.12 for iOS.

Install the mobile app for Yandex.Mail to increase your storage by 16 GB for one year from the date of the first log-in to the app. The promotion starts June 30, 2015 and expires on July 13, 2015.

Restriction. Your Yandex.Disk storage space will only increase if you are installing the Yandex.Mail mobile app for the first time. Your Yandex.Disk storage space will not be increased in the following cases:
  • you re-installed the app;
  • you installed the app after deleting it from the same device;
  • you installed the app on another device with the same operating system.