Desktop programs

Yandex.Disk 3.0

The Yandex.Disk 3.0 program combines the features of the experimental Disk 2.0 and the classic Yandex.Disk program. In the new program, you can work with files on your computer, syncing only the folders and files you need. Other folders and files are displayed in the program but are stored only in the cloud. You need an internet connection to access them.

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Console client for Linux

The Yandex.Disk console client for Linux lets you manage files on Disk without using window interface or programs that support WebDAV.

Advantages to using the console client compared to a WebDAV connection:

  • Low system resource requirements.
  • Faster file reading and writing speeds.
  • Faster syncing with the Yandex.Disk server.
  • Manage files offline.

For more information, see Console client for Linux.