More uses for Yandex.Disk

You can manage your Disk files with any application that supports Yandex.Disk:

  • store files created using the app (for example, scanned documents);
  • open files stored on Yandex.Disk using your application of choice (for example, download files from a Disk folder using a file manager).
Note. If you enabled two-factor authentication, use the application password for logging into the application.

If you know of an application which supports Yandex.Disk that is not listed on this page, please tell us.

Application Description Website Platforms
Windows MacOS Linux Android iOS Windows Phone
ABBYY FineScanner Mobile text recognition service ABBYY FineScanner. You can upload files made by the app to Yandex.Disk.
Audio Library Audiobook and podcast player for Android smartphones. Audiobooks can be added to your app library from various cloud storage services, including Yandex.Disk.
Boxcryptor A service for encrypting files before uploading them to Yandex.Disk.
Business Processes Simulator Online business process simulator. This service uses local or cloud data-storage services, including Yandex.Disk.
Cloud Cube An app for Android that allows you to manage files on Yandex.Disk and other cloud services.
Coffee Reader E-book reader in the fb2, epub, txt and mobi formats on Windows Phone 8 smartphones. You can download and save books using Yandex.Disk.
Documents File manager for iPhone and iPad allows you to conveniently view documents using your device's memory or Yandex.Disk.
ES File Explorer Multi-functional file manager. Offers you complete control of your Disk files.
File Hub A file manager for iPhone and iPad. Offers you complete control of your Disk files.

File Manager

File Manager HD (Tablet)

File manager for Android smartphones provides you with a full range of features for managing files stored on Yandex.Disk and other cloud storage services. There is a separate version for tablets.
Hamster Free ZIP Archiver Free archiver-program for Windows with a fast response time that is supported by multicore processors. You can archive your files on Yandex.Disk.
Handy Backup 7 A tool for backing up files. The file copies are automatically uploaded to Yandex.Disk.
Handy Backup for Yandex.Disk Free program for downloading files on Yandex.Disk.
Monosnap Free program for creating and editing screenshots. The edited image uploads to Yandex.Disk or another cloud storage service in one click.
Mover A web service for transferring data between cloud services.
KyBook E-book reader app for iPhone or iPad with a built-in interface that supports all common formats. Integrated with Yandex.Disk and other popular cloud storage services.
RealVisor Free App for 24-hour concealed video-monitoring using Android smartphone cameras and microphones. Recorded files are saved on Yandex.Disk.
Scanbot App for quickly scanning documents and notes. Scanned images are saved on Yandex.Disk.



Multifunctional voice recorder for iPhone and iPad. Recordings and attached photographs can be saved on Yandex.Disk.
Player dreams Music player for Android smartphones and tablets with built-in tag editor and file-editing tools. Lets you listen to music tracks from Yandex.Disk.
Yandex.Disk for Linux An unofficial prototype application by a Yandex developer.

Yandex.Music for iPhone

Yandex.Music for Android

The Yandex.Music mobile app lets you listen to tracks saved on Yandex.Disk, even if you don't have a Music subscription. You can listen in streaming mode, or in offline mode if you don't have internet access.