Problems with files

File won't download

First of all, ensure that your internet connection speed is sufficient to download files quickly. You can check the speed of your internet connection at

Limits on intermediate servers that are used when you are on the internet can prevent files from downloading. Try disabling your proxy server if you have one. Also, antivirus and firewall can also slow down file downloads. Disable them temporarily and try downloading the file again.

You'll also want to make sure that the problem isn't connected with your browser's functionality. See if switching browsers solves your problem.

If a public file was downloaded many times during the day, the download may be restricted. This restriction lasts for 24 hours, then you can download the file. If you don't want to wait, save the file to your Disk with the Save to Yandex.Disk button. To remove this restriction for your files, connect to Yandex.Disk Pro.

Note. You can only download only public files 50 GB or less. For large folders, you can store them on your Yandex.Disk.

Files do not open and are displayed as broken

If your files on Disk don't open and there are duplicates with suspicious extensions, it is likely that your computer is infected with an encryption virus. Such viruses modify all files on the computer. As the Yandex.Disk program syncs the changes, files were changed on the Yandex.Disk server as well. Unfortunately, the Yandex.Disk can't distinguish between the actions of a virus and a user.

To restore files:

  1. Check your computer for viruses with free antivirus programs: CureIt! from Dr.Web and Virus Removal Tool from Kaspersky Lab.
  2. Change your password in Yandex.Passport, link a phone number to the account and change your security question and answer. It's better to do it after the virus check.
  3. Try searching for files in Trash. If the virus deleted the original files and replaced them with broken ones, the original files might be found in Trash on Yandex.Disk. If there is less than 30 days since the virus became active, files may still be in the Trash.
  4. If the original files are not in Trash, most likely, the virus didn't delete but encrypted them. Try restoring old versions of encrypted files from the change history. If there are no old versions in the change history, it's impossible to restore the files.

I see the message “No more space on your Disk”, but there is still a lot of free space

Sometimes you can see such message in Yandex.Disk. Also, the actual space taken up by files on Yandex.Disk may be less than the occupied space shown by the indicator (in the lower left corner of the Yandex.Disk page). This is because files you moved to Trash on the Yandex.Disk page or deleted in the Yandex.Disk program take up space on your Disk. After 30 days they will be automatically deleted. If you're running out of space, empty Trash before this.