Editing documents

Attention. Editing is not available for Yandex.Mail for Domain users who registered after October 10, 2016.

You can create and edit documents, tables, and presentations directly in Yandex.Disk.

The following file formats are supported:

  • Documents: DOCX/DOC, ODT, DOCM
  • Presentations: PPTX/PPT, ODP, PPSX
Attention. If you open a document in an old format (DOC, XLS, PPT) in the editor, Yandex.Disk automatically creates a document copy in a new format (DOCX, XLSX, PPTX). Only the copy will be edited. The source document will remain unchanged.
  1. Create a document
  2. Use the editor
  3. Co-authoring documents
  4. Editing a document with a public link

Create a document

To create a new document, table, or presentation, click the Create button on the left panel and choose the file type. You can also create documents using the context menu.

Use the editor

To open a document in the editor, choose it from the file list and click the Edit button in the upper panel or from the context menu.

All changes will be saved automatically. To finish working with the document and return to the Disk folder, click Go back to the saved file (at the top) or close the editor tab.

You can rename the file, download it, or send it to print. To see additional file management options, open the File menu.

If you have a question about using the editor, enter it in the Tell me what you want to do field:

The document editor is provided by Microsoft.

Co-authoring documents

You can jointly edit a document with other users:

  1. Create a shared folder and grant full access to the users that you want to edit the document with.
  2. Create a new document in this folder, or put a copy of an existing one there.

This way, all users that have access to the document can edit it. Changes will be saved automatically. In the upper right corner of the screen you can see who is currently editing the document along with you.

To view the list of users with editing rights for the document:
  1. Go to the Shared access → Shared access tab.
  2. Choose the folder where the document is located.
  3. On the upper panel, click the icon.
  4. In the list, choose the Access settings entry.

To prevent a user from editing a document, change their access rights to Read only or deny them access to that folder.

Editing a document with a public link

If someone shares a document with you using a public link, you can edit it:

  1. Hover over the document thumbnail and click the Browse button that appears.
  2. Press the Edit button on the top panel.
Note. You will edit a copy of the original document. When you click the Edit button, Yandex.Disk creates a document copy in the Downloads folder and opens it in the editor.