Open files

Tap on the file to open it on the Yandex.Disk page or in the browser viewer.
Note. If Yandex.Disk or the browser don't allow you to view files of a certain format, download the file: select it and tap in the upper panel.

To view an image in full-screen mode, tap on it. In full-screen mode, you can share, download, or delete an image using the icons in the upper right corner. If you want to open the original image or rename it, tap and select the necessary option from the menu. To hide the icons and view the full image, tap it. View images in the folder by scrolling the screen to the right or to the left.

Video or image quality has decreased

Images and video files are stored on Yandex.Disk in their original quality, as they are not compressed when uploading. However, Yandex.Disk creates low-resolution thumbnails to view on the mobile website, in order to reduce traffic and make working with Yandex.Disk faster. To view an image in its original quality, download it to your mobile device.