Get more space on Yandex.Disk

Buying additional storage space on Yandex.Disk automatically grants you a subscription to Yandex.Disk Pro. Use it to:

  • Enable unlimited auto-uploads of videos from your phone to save space on your Yandex.Disk.
  • View the extended changelog: 90 days instead of 14.
  • Remove ads from Yandex.Disk: there won't be any ads on your Yandex.Disk pages or pages of the files you share.
  • Download files shared by other users without restrictions.
  • Configure autosaving important files on a computer with Windows.
  • Get a faster response from the support service: we respond to all Yandex.Disk Pro subscribers within three hours.
  1. Choose and purchase a plan
  2. Subscription renewal
  3. Unsubscribe
  4. What happens when my subscription ends?

Choose and purchase a plan

  1. Scroll the top menu to the right and tap Buy space. You can also go to the Yandex.Disk Pro page.
  2. Choose a plan:
    Plan Annual subscription, yearly payment

    (save 17%)

    Monthly subscription, monthly payment
    100 GB $1.70/month (when paying for a year) — $20/year $2/month
    1 TB $8.30/month (when paying for a year) — $100/year $10/month
    3 TB $25/month (when paying for a year) — $300/year $30/month
  3. Enter your bank card details, select Save data for future purchases, and press Pay.

Subscription renewal

Subscriptions are renewed automatically: every month or year, your account is charged for the next subscription period. You can cancel subscription renewal at any time.

If you used a card to pay for your subscription and now want to use a different card, unlink the old card and link a new one in your Yandex ID settings.

Restriction. Automatic payments with MIR, Maestro, and Visa Electron cards are limited, so we recommend using a different type of card to pay for your subscription.


You can't unsubscribe, but you can cancel automatic subscription renewal at any time. To do this, go to the Yandex.Disk Pro page and press Cancel next to your package. In this case, you can keep the space you've paid for through the end of the pre-paid period.

What happens when my subscription ends?

When your subscription ends, you will lose the unpaid storage space. This may cause you to run out of storage space on your Yandex.Disk.

When there's no more space on your Yandex.Disk, access to Yandex.Disk is restricted:
  • You can't upload new files.
  • You can't share files or create shared folders.
  • Files that you shared earlier become unavailable via public links.
  • You can't watch videos.
  • API access is suspended.
Other actions with files are not blocked. You can still view files, download them to your computer, and edit, move, and delete them.
To fully restore all Yandex.Disk features, delete unnecessary files or buy more storage space.
Tip. To avoid losing files, download them to your computer before deleting them.