How syncing works

Each time you copy, edit or delete a Yandex.Disk file, these changes are replicated on the Yandex.Disk server and displayed on the Yandex.Disk page. And vice versa, if you upload files on the website, they'll be displayed in your Yandex.Disk desktop program.

Therefore, you see the same files on your Yandex.Disk across all your connected devices. If you delete files from your desktop, they will be deleted from the cloud, too. To delete a file from your computer, but keep it on the server, set up custom syncing.

Note. You can't sync files on your phone. You can download and upload files only manually. But you can enable unlimited photo and video auto-uploads.
  1. How modified files are synced
  2. How to use Yandex.Disk on multiple devices
  3. Sync speed
  4. What happens if I move the Yandex.Disk folder?
  5. What happens if I delete files from the Yandex.Disk folder?

How modified files are synced

Yandex.Disk determines which part of the file has been modified and only uploads that part, not the entire file.

How to use Yandex.Disk on multiple devices

What happens if the same file is modified on different devices at the same time?

For example, you create a document called document.docx in the Yandex.Disk folder on a home laptop while it isn't connected to the internet, and then upload a file with the same name to Yandex.Disk from your work computer.

Yandex.Disk starts syncing as soon as you connect your laptop to the internet. When finding different files with the same name, Yandex.Disk renames one of them as follows: document.docx and document (2).docx.

How many devices can I use Yandex.Disk on?

Theoretically, you can install the Yandex.Disk app and program on any number of devices, but we don't recommend doing this. If you work with the same files on different devices at the same time, there may be conflicts — files may be duplicated or lost.

Sync speed

To check the sync speed, click the Yandex.Disk icon. The download and upload speed will appear in the pop-up window.

Slow syncing

The synchronization speed is designed to conserve bandwidth and system resources. The synchronization speed may also be limited by your provider. Please check your internet connection speed.

What happens if I delete files from the Yandex.Disk folder?

When you delete files in the program, they are moved to the Trash and stored there for 30 days. They are then automatically deleted from the server. Once deleted from the server, these files cannot be restored. You can only restore files from the Trash in the Yandex.Disk web interface.

Attention. Files in the Trash still take up space on Yandex.Disk. Empty the Trash if you're running out of space.

If you want to delete a file from your computer, but save it on the server, follow the instructions to set up Custom folder syncing.