Yandex.Disk for Windows

Yandex.Disk looks like a regular folder on your computer. The files it contains don't have to take up any space. Just specify what you want to store in the cloud and what to duplicate on your hard drive.

You can also use the program to take and edit screenshots and make notes.

Attention. You can install Yandex.Disk on the following versions of Windows: 32-bit Windows XP Service Pack 3, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 (classic interface), Windows 10.

Getting started

Where to download the program and what to do next

Actions with files

How to upload, share, and perform other actions with files in the program

Auto-upload photos and videos

How to download photos and videos to your computer from unlimited storage

Auto-save folders

How to ensure all changes made to any folder on your computer are automatically uploaded to the cloud


How to make notes in Yandex.Disk


How to take and edit screenshots

How syncing works

FAQ about syncing

Enable Yandex.Disk Pro

How to increase storage space in Yandex.Disk and access Yandex.Disk Pro features