Solving problems with syncing

Why aren't my files syncing?

Yandex.Disk cannot upload files to the server in the following cases:

  • your computer is not connected to the internet

  • There's no more space on your Yandex.Disk.

  • syncing is disabled in the Yandex.Disk settings

  • The file is you need to sync is larger than 50 GB.

  • file access is restricted (it may be in use by another program)

If the files are located in the Yandex.Drive folder and are marked with the icon in the program, but they don't appear on other computers or the web interface, please let us know by using the feedback form.

If Avast Mac Security is installed on your macOS, disable secure connection scanning:
  1. Click Preferences in the lower left corner of the program.
  2. In the Web screen section, click Settings (under Disable).
  3. Uncheck the Scan encrypted connections option.
  4. Click Finish.

The program freezes with the “Syncing” status

Shorten the file names in the Yandex.Disk folder. Check if the program has stable access to the network (antivirus apps and firewalls might block the connection).

I see a message about problems with the sync folder

Here are some common reasons for it:

Sync folder unavailable

The folder selected for synchronization is not accessible or has been deleted. Check that the folder is in the right place or select another folder.

For more information, see Select files and folders to sync.

Sync folder conflict

The folder you entered in the program settings is already being used by another Yandex.Disk account. It is not possible to use the same synchronization folder with different accounts. Choose a different folder in the program settings.

For more information, see Select files and folders to sync.

Sync folder not selected

You haven't chosen a folder to sync with the Disk. You can choose a folder in the program settings.

For more information, see Select files and folders to sync.

Slow syncing

The synchronization speed is designed to conserve bandwidth and system resources. The synchronization speed may also be limited by your provider. Please check your internet connection speed.

I turned off syncing, but files still end up on my Yandex.Disk

Someone else's files may end up on your Yandex.Disk if you log in on someone else's mobile device. In this case, if auto-uploads are enabled, files from this device will upload to your Yandex.Disk.

You can stop uploading other people's files to your Yandex.Disk in one of the following ways:

Log out on all devices

To prevent other people's files from uploading to your Yandex.Disk, log out of Yandex.Disk on all devices:

  1. Under Sign in and device history, click Log out on all devices.
Revoke program access

You can also revoke access that Yandex.Disk programs and apps have to your files stored on the server:

  1. Open the Access management page.
  2. Look through the list and find all the lines that feature Yandex.Disk.
  3. Click each line, and then click Delete.