Open a file

Tap a file and it will open in Yandex.Disk or the default application for that file type.

In the app, you can view images and change them in the editor.

I edited a file but the changes didn't sync

If you opened a file from Yandex.Disk on your phone and edited it, but the changes didn't sync automatically, it's because synchronisation is not available in the Yandex.Disk mobile app. In this case, you can only download and upload files manually. But you can enable unlimited photo and video auto-uploads.

Video or image quality has decreased

Images and video files are stored on Yandex.Disk in their original quality. They are not compressed when uploaded. However, Yandex.Disk creates low-resolution previews for the website to reduce traffic and make working with Disk faster. To view an image in its original quality, download it to your mobile device.

If the video quality in the app is low, it's likely that the video player is set to a low resolution. You can select a higher option. The maximum quality that can watch videos in from the app is 1080p, so if the video resolution is higher, you can download it to your mobile device to watch it in the original quality.

If you are experiencing a problem with the Yandex.Disk app, please report the error using the feedback form in the app:

  1. Open settings.
  2. Select Help and feedback → Report a problem
  3. Select the relevant issue.
  4. Describe the problem in as much detail as possible.
Note. Please report problems related to the mobile app from the app itself and not these Help pages. This will ensure your message reaches the right specialists and is answered sooner. Additionally, when submitting from the app, our specialists get technical information that helps them sort out the problem.

If you can't write from the app because it crashes unexpectedly, send us a message about the error via the feedback form.