Batch creation of video ads

You can use Video Builder to create up to 300 similar ads. To do this, prepare a feed as a CSV file with information about your products and services. Upload the feed to Video Builder to create a separate video for each product or service. If you use a CSV feed for dynamic ads or smart banners, you can also upload this feed to Video Builder.

Feed requirements

  • The file must be in CSV format and the name can only use Latin characters.
  • The first row contains column names (Latin letters only). The following rows contain the data: names of your products or services, descriptions, prices, links to images, and other information you'd like to use in your video ads.

    You can use commas or semicolons as the data delimiter.

    The linked image must be at least 450 pixels or more on each side, with a maximum size of 10 MB.

  • Data in the feed must be encoded in UTF-8.
  • The maximum size is 50 columns and 1000 rows.

Creating video ads

To create video ads using a feed:

  1. In the side menu, click Tools → Video Builder.

  2. Select a template.

    A video consists of scenes, which are shown in succession. The number of scenes depends on the template. Add texts, images, and videos to your scenes. There are also common elements shown throughout the video: a logo, legal information, image elements, and a fill. If you don't need an element for your video, click next to it.

  3. In Items from the feed, click Add and choose a feed file.

  4. Change the text of each scene by clicking the objects. To add values from the feed, select the column name from the tooltip above the field or enter its name enclosed in # (for example, #name#). Select the color, font, and saturation for the text. The texts must meet the requirements.

  5. Upload your images. To use images from the feed, click Edit → Image from the feed, and select the column name. Change the size of the image in the preview area.

  6. Under Common elements, specify the video duration: from 5 to 15 seconds, with 0.1 sec precision. The scene duration in your video will change proportionally.

  7. Under Objects in all scenes, add the objects you need:

    • Audio file. Choose a file from the library or upload your own file up to 4 minutes in length and up to 10 MB in size. The first 5-15 seconds will be used for the video.

    • Logo: a file no larger than 20 MB.

    • Legal information.

  8. Preview your video. The values from the first row are used in the feed preview.

  9. Click Save.

The number of videos created equals the number of rows in the feed, excluding the row with column names. If you are creating more than 100 videos, the conversion might take several hours. The videos are created in MP4 format with a resolution of 1080p and 30 frames per second.

You can download a feed with the links to finished videos on the Video Builder page (My videos tab). A ZIP archive with the created videos will also become available on this tab. You can save the archive and use it for your ad campaigns.

Have questions?

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