Ad is not displayed in the desired position

Your ad may be shown both on search results pages and in the ad networks (YAN and ad exchanges).

You can view the average ad position on search in the Report Wizard. An insufficiently high position might be due to low bids or peculiarities of the selected display strategy.

The bid you set is not high enough for your ad to display in the desired position.

The impression location depends on how much you bid. For your ad to be displayed in the desired position, you need to not only select the right strategy but also set a price per click that is equal to or higher than the price recommended in the Direct interface.

For example, if you set a bid less than the one recommended by the system for Guaranteed Placement, the ad will only appear in Dynamic Impressions (regardless of the chosen strategy).

It is important to monitor price changes for the positions you are interested in and, if necessary, update your bid settings. You can set up notifications under Campaign parameters to keep track of your ad positions.

Automatic strategy selected

This automatic bid management strategy is not designed to ensure that your ads maintain certain positions within search results, but rather to net you the maximum number of targeted clicks and impressions within your set budget. The bid for each keyword is determined automatically and can be insufficient for displays in high positions (premium placement or guaranteed impressions).

Automatic strategies allow you to set priorities for certain keywords, but it's important to remember that a high priority doesn't ensure a high position in Guaranteed impressions or Premium placement. Rather, this setting increases the weight of these phrases over others when allocating the budget. Whenever possible, the system displays keywords with a high priority in more noticeable positions, and lowers bids for keywords with medium and low priority.

If you want to manage impression position yourself, you can select the manual bid management strategy and set bids at your own discretion.

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