Quantitative restrictions

Ad text

Maximum number of characters including spaces:

  • title — 33 characters, a single word cannot exceed 23 characters

  • ad text — 75 characters, a single word cannot exceed 22 characters

  • link — 1024 characters (including protocol)

  • display link — 20 characters (not including the domain)


The number of keywords per group cannot exceed 200.

The number of characters for one keyword (including negative keywords) cannot exceed 4096. The “-!” operator is considered one character.

The number of words in one keyword cannot exceed seven, excluding stop words.

Note. If there is a “!” or “+” in front of a stop word, it is no longer considered a stop word.

Negative keywords

A single list of negative keywords can contain up to 20,000 symbols, not counting spaces.

Groups of ads

Every ad campaign can contain up to 1000 groups.

Number of ads

Each group can include up to 50 ads.

Ad campaigns

It is possible to place up to 3000 campaigns on one account, of which no more than 1000 can be active (active campaigns are considered to be all campaigns not located in the archive).

Blocked websites

You can suspend ad impressions on specific content sites and in ad exchanges No more than 1000 entries can be added to the blocked list, which includes sites, apps, and ad exchange partner sites. You cannot opt out of your ads being served in Yandex and search products.

Direct header length
Direct text length
Direct link length
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