How to delete campaigns or ad groups

Click Delete under the campaign name or Delete Group under the name of the ad group.

If the link doesn't appear in the interface it means that the campaign or ad group was active at some point (i.e. the status was Campaign in Progress) and it's not possible to delete them. In this case you can move campaigns that are no longer running to the Archive tab so that they don't distract you from managing your active ads. Just click on the Archive link under the name of the campaign.

An ad campaign may be archived if

  • it is discontinued

  • activation has ended

  • there are not enough funds in the account

An ad campaign is archived automatically if

  • there were no impressions for more than 30 days

  • there are not enough funds in the account

  • the ads in the campaign have not been edited for more than 30 days

Campaigns that were never active are removed automatically if they meet the following criteria:

  • campaigns created more than a year ago

  • no funds were added to either the campaign account or the shared account linked to the campaign

In most cases, the campaigns being automatically removed are currently stored in your archive as drafts. To save such campaigns for the future, simply unarchive the campaign and top up that campaign or the shared account.

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