Advertising performance

There's been traffic to my site, but no orders

Unfortunately, we have no control over the number of clients that contact you, as this depends on a huge number of variables, including the quality and lay-out of your site, the price and features of the product or service you're offering. However, we can suggest the following:

  • Think about changing the content of the ad to make it match your offer more closely.

  • Select the most appropriate keywords and add the relevant negative keywords to your keywords.

  • Double check that the link in your ad leads to the main page of your offer. If the link leads users to the main page of your site, it's possible that they won't be able to find your promotion, and leave.

  • Specify the display region, as it's possible that you may be operating in a different region than the people coming to your site.

  • Add time targeting, to ensure that you are available to take calls when your ad is displayed.

  • It may also be worth increasing your bids for keywords, or turn on autobudget, in order to maximize the number of clicks on your ads and therefore increase the chances of a potential client getting in touch with you.

For more details, please refer to the following sections:How do I compose the right ad? и How do I boost the efficiency of my ad campaign?.

Recommendations to increase performance

On this page, you will find recommendations that will make your ads as effective as possible and help you avoid overspending.

Part of these recommendations concerns working with the text and keywords of ads. You can view your ads and edit them at any time by clicking on the "My campaigns" or "My ads" link; (choose the link that corresponds to the version of the Direct interface you're using).

Create several specific ads instead of one general one

This way you can immediately let various targeted buyers know that you have the product they're looking for. For example, instead of "We have a wide selection of Canon cameras at low prices" it is better to place several ads: "SLR Canon cameras" (using the keywords "SLR cameras shop", "buy a reflex camera", etc), "DSLR Canon cameras" (using the keywords "digital cameras", "digital photo cameras") etc.

You will not need to increase your budget to create these more targeted ads, as the cost per click for any ads will be debited from a single advertising campaign account.

You may even want to create very specific ads for your best-selling items, for example Canon EOS 450D Camera Kit. Low price, fast delivery.

Do not use keywords that are too general

It is important to more clearly specify the requests for the ad, otherwise it will be seen by people who are not interested in your offer. In the example above, you should not serve an ad using the keywords photo camera, camera, and so on. In this case, it would be served to your target audience as well as to anyone searching Yandex for invention of the camera, or camera surveillance, etc..

Experiment with the ad text and heading

Apart from the price, the position of the ad is influenced by the ad's predicted popularity among visitors, i.e. its forecast clickability or CTR.

If you improve your ad text, it will attract more visitors, which will result in the ad displaying in better positions at a lower price per click.

Describe the advantages of your offer (delivery, bonuses, discounts). Specify your prices, region, and anything that will narrow your offer and make your product attractive to buyers.

Specify the regions for displaying your ads

You should only choose those regions where it would be convenient for potential clients to work with you. To save money, it is better to limit the area to the city where your company is located.

Improve your advertising and your website

You can use contextual advertising in Direct to attract visitors to your website. However, not every visitor to your website will become your customer.

By installing Yandex.Metrica you can find out why visitors leave and understand how to improve your results.

Step 1. Install the Metrica counter on your website

Step 2. Determine what key actions users must perform on your website (for example, placing an order), and mark the corresponding page (for example, the order confirmation page or the contact information page) of your website in the Metrica interface as a goal.

Step 3. Track how often your visitors reach these goals, i.e. become your customers. Use other Yandex.Metrica reports to see how people interact with your site. For example, you can find out which links are clicked more often, what order pages are viewed in, and at what stages customers change their minds about ordering.

Detailed information on how to analyze effectiveness can be found in Yandex.Metrica Help, and you can ask questions about the service using the feedback form.

If you still have questions regarding Yandex.Direct ad placement, you can ask them in the Feedback section related to your topic.