Questions and answers

On this page you will find answers to frequently asked questions from advertisers about working with dynamic ads.

Ads are not being created for a site

Dynamic ads cannot be created if the site structure requirements are not met or if the site was not accessible at the time of creation. You can check this using the Moderation results report in Yandex Metrica.

Check whether the dynamic text ad target parameters are correct:

  • The Domain parameter must contain only the domain name (for example,

  • The page in the suggestion list URL parameter must contain links to specific products.

    Page contains links to products.

  • in the Link to product → contains parameter, you need to indicate a link to a specific product or section of a site (if you want to create ads for site pages containing products from a particular manufacturer), and not a link to site search results.




Make sure that there is money on the account. Ad generation won't start if there isn't any money.

Ads are not being created for a feed

Dynamic ads may not be created if the feed requirements are not met.

To create dynamic ads you can use the entire feed or apply filters to choose individual products. Be sure to check whether the sorting rules in a filter are set correctly.

  • If the filter has the Only in stock option set, the feed must show products with the attribute available = "true". If there are other filters for products of a certain category (for example) then the feed must contain products of this category.

  • When configuring a filter by manufacturer, in the feed there must be a product with the vendor element. The value of this element must match the value specified in the filter.

  • If a filter is set according to the categoryId parameter, there must be products of the specified category in the feed. If there are no products in the category, then dynamic ads aimed at this category will not be created. Please note that if the parent category (i.e. a category that has nested categories with the parentId attribute) has a sub-category that contains products, the filter that is configured for the parent category (which has no products) will not function.


    An ad focused on the category of “Irons” (categoryId=123) will not be created because the category does not contain products.

    <category id="123">Irons</category>
        <category id="234" parentId="123">Rowenta</category>
        <category id="345" parentId="123">Bosch</category>
    <offer id="0123456" available="true">
        <name>Rowenta Iron 3000</name>
    <offer id="1234567" available="true">
        <name>Bosch Super Iron</name>

Make sure that there is money on the account. Ad generation won't start if there isn't any money.

Time needed to generate ads in the event of a feed change

When the feed data changes, it takes some time to generate new dynamic ads. If your feed includes many products, it may take up to several days to generate ads.

Processing an ad is taking too long

Long processing times may be caused by filters or dynamic text ad targets that are not specific enough. If in this case a feed or site contains many products, then creating ads may take up to several days.

Make sure that there is money on the account. Ad generation won't start if there isn't any money.

My ads aren't getting enough impressions

A low amount of impressions for dynamic ads may be due to the following reasons:
  • Not very many products were found. Make sure to check how many products on the site satisfy the conditions of the dynamic text ad targets or filters.

  • A low bid was set. It is possible that ads are not winning auctions due to low bids or decreasing bid adjustments. By increasing bids and removing decreasing bid adjustments, your ads can win auctions and be selected for display.

  • Narrow retargeting lists. Your retargeting list may be too narrow. Very few users click through to your site due to your settings. Try changing your settings and broadening your target audience.

  • Geotargeting settings are narrow. If you selected a particular city in your geotargeting settings, ads can only be served to people located in that city or those who are interested in it. In some cities, there may not be impressions for a given keyword or Retargeting & Audiences option. Try adding nearby cities, or selecting the whole region or district.

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