Why does the price not correspond with my expectations?

Why does the cost of guaranteed placement coincide with the cost of the first position?

The above may occur for the following reasons:

  • Your ad is the only one with this keyword. In this case, the 1st position placement and the guaranteed placement price may be the same as the minimum CPC. The premium placement price may be higher.

  • All advertisers whose ads were selected for impression in the guaranteed placement block based on the keyword you selected use the lowest position in block.

Why is the minimum bid for premium placement very high, even though I don't see any competition for this search query?

The premium placement entry cost does not only depend on your forecast ad CTR. There is also an entry threshold for this position that is not affected by the presence of competitors. The higher the forecast CTR for your keyword, the less is the entry threshold for premium placement.

Why is only the first premium placement position available, even though the second and third positions are empty?

Premium placement has an entry threshold that does not depend on competition. If the bids set for certain ads are lower than the entry threshold, then these ads will not receive premium placement. If the bids are greater than the entry threshold, then ads for display are selected via a combination of the following indicators:

  • bid

  • forecast CTR in that specific impression

  • quality coefficient

A situation could arise wherein the combination of the entry threshold and your ad's forecast CTR and quality coefficient exceeds that of the ad currently in the first premium placement position. In this case, your ad will show up in the first position as soon as your bid exceeds the entry threshold.

Clicks for the “old” price after starting a campaign

You might get clicks for the “old” price if you changed the bid in a paused campaign, and then restarted it. It takes about 30 minutes to activate new bids. During this time, clicks are charged at the previous rate that was set before the campaign was stopped.

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