Minimum search CPC

Minimum search CPC is the bid necessary to display ads on the results pages of Yandex search and Yandex's search services.

The system's internal effectiveness rating uses an additional parameter that influences the minimum cost per click for search. The parameter's value depends on a variety of indicators, which are recalculated in real time while your ad campaigns are up and running. The main factors include general statistical data of the advertised domain or telephone number (if one is specified on the “vCard”).

If the effectiveness of the campaign falls below a certain level, the minimum CPC is automatically increased. After that, once the ad quality improves, the price will automatically decrease until reaching RUR 0.30 (0.01 standard unit).

If the CPC you set is below the minimum Yandex Search CPC, your ads will be displayed only on the Yandex advertising network member websites and on the “All ads” page.

To reactivate impressions on the search results pages, you should first increase the CPC and then increase the efficiency of your ad campaigns. In this case, the minimum Yandex Search price may start decreasing again until it once again reaches RUR 0.30 (0.01 standard unit).

Please refer to ways to increase the effectiveness of your ad campaign.


Once the minimum Yandex Search price increases, the CPC is increased accordingly if your bid allows for it.

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