Weekly budget

The “Weekly Budget” strategy lets you effectively allocate your ad campaign resources while sticking to your budget. The advertiser sets a weekly budget and indicates what their goals are: to get the most clicks, the maximum conversion rate, or the most app installations (only for ads for mobile apps).

The strategy automatically chooses bids to achieve the best results. Bids are uploaded to the Direct interface every 15 minutes. Strategies can change bids more often than the changes are displayed in the interface. After a week is over, the strategy continues running on the set criteria, as long as there are funds available on the account.

The “Weekly budget: maximum number of clicks” option is suitable for advertisers whose main objective is to attract as many interested visitors to the website as possible.

This is where the system automatically allocates the advertiser's funds to achieve the greatest number of clicks for the budget provided. Keywords with a high CTR forecast get more traffic, while bids are lowered for keywords with a low CTR forecast.

Strategy settings
Weekly budget

The minimum weekly budget is 300 RUB (values for other currencies).

The actual expenditure of a campaign using this strategy may vary by several percent from the specified budget. Accuracy may be affected by switching between strategies, making changes to the budget, suspending a campaign, or making changes to time targeting or the campaign's start date.

Budget distribution depends on your time targeting settings. For example, if you limit ad impressions to two days a week, your budget will only be distributed over two days.

If the budget cannot be spent, you will see an alert in the interface and get a notification sent to your inbox. This usually means that the keywords selected have a low CTR, a low budget, or a low maximum bid.

Maximum CPC

You can limit the maximum CPC when necessary. If the maximum CPC is not set, by default it will not exceed 10% of the weekly budget.

It is not recommended to limit your maximum CPC. A weekly budget should be specified if you need to control the expenditure of your funds independently.