Optimize clicks

This strategy will help you maximize the number of clicks you receive per week while maintaining your preset average CPC. This strategy is good for advertisers who know how much they are willing to pay per visitor.

This strategy works best for campaigns that receive more than 100 clicks per week. If a campaign contains long-tail keywords with a relatively low CTR and gets less than 100 clicks per week, the average CPC may increase, but no more than double.

Average CPC is the ratio of weekly budget expenditure to the weekly number of clicks, meaning the average cost debited for a visitor's click on the product offering in the smart banner.

How it works

Once your campaign is launched, the system will automatically assign bids for filters to maximize your number of users. In this case, you can specify the average CPC value for the whole campaign or for each filter.

To the entire campaign

You set the average CPC for the whole campaign. The average weekly CPC for the campaign will not exceed the specified amount. In this case, the CPA for some filters may be higher or lower than the specified average cost.

You can assign the average CPC for any filter individually in the filter settings. For example, you can assign a high average CPC to the filters with more expensive products. The system will try to simultaneously maintain the average CPC for the filter and the total value for the campaign.

For each filter

You can set the same default average CPC value for all your filters. The average weekly CPC for each filter will not exceed the specified amount. At the same time, the CPC for the filter may change throughout the week, going higher or lower than the specified average cost.

You can assign your own average CPC value for any filter in the settings. In this case, priority is given to the filter CPC. The default CPC that you specified in the strategy settings is ignored.

Strategy settings

Average CPC

Analyze campaign performance and enter an appropriate average CPC. An unrealistic value will prevent the system from raising bids for effective filters, which will result in significantly fewer clicks.

The average cost may fluctuate up or down over the course of the day,

The minimum average CPC is 1 ruble (values in other currencies).

Spend up to

You can limit the weekly budget if necessary. The minimum weekly budget is 300 rubles (see other currencies).

Maximum price
You can limit the maximum CPC if necessary.
Attribution model

An attribution model is a rule that determines which click is assigned as the source of a session on your site. The model helps you more accurately identify how advertising contributes to business growth. The bidding system uses Yandex Metrica statistics for the selected attribution model and focuses on achieving the desired result.

You should select a model based on your business type, the method you use for attracting traffic, and what information you need to obtain from it. The default attribution model is Last click from Yandex.Direct. You can change it as needed.

More about attribution models.