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Manual management

Manual bid management allows you to control all ad indicators and independently set bids based on keywords' effectiveness in the ad campaign.

How manual bid management works

You can configure the parameters in the campaign settings, and set bids for specific keywords on the campaign page. You will receive as many impressions as possible for each keyword, taking into account the limitations you set and competition with other advertisers. For more details on the Yandex.Direct auction, please refer to

How to set up bid management

General recommendations

It's important to keep in mind that your bid affects ad position. No strategy can guarantee placement in a specific position if the bid is too small.

You can use the system forecast as a guide when setting your bids. Don't forget that the competitive playing field in Direct is constantly changing (after all, advertisers regularly optimize their campaign settings — lowering and raising bids, changing the time setting and regions for impressions, etc.). For this reason, you should pay careful attention to all indicators when managing bids manually and try to react to changes in the system in a timely manner.

Daily budget

Minimum daily budget — 300 RUB.. Along with the budget, you can set the ad display mode (standard or distributed). The daily budget can only be changed up to 3 times a day.

Display position in search results

By default, your ads will aim to occupy the highest position possible in search results. In the strategy settings, you can choose the block in Yandex search results that interests you and have your ads be shown in the lowest possible position for search queries that exactly match your keywords. If several ads aiming for the lowest position are in one block, the strategy cannot guarantee the exact placement order.

Keep in mind that your ad will only appear in the selected position if your bid is high enough. If your bid is too low, the ads will aim to appear in the highest position possible.

Bids for impressions in ad networks

If you have selected impressions on all sites, then by default you will only be able to set bids for impressions on search, whereas bids for ad networks will be calculated according to your settings in ad networks. To manually set bids for ad networks, enable separate bid management in the strategy settings.

You can change strategies at any moment in the campaign settings. If you switched from a manual strategy to an automatic and back, the bids you set will be saved.

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