Manual bid management

Manual bid management allows you to set bids yourself based on how you think your impression criteria will perform while your ad campaign is running.

You set parameters in the strategy settings, and set bids for impression criteria on the campaign page.

In the “Manual bid management with optimization in ad networks” strategy, by default you only set bids for impressions on search, and the network bids are calculated using the ad network settings. In addition, the bid in ad networks may automatically decrease for clicks with a low probability of conversion, or increase for clicks with a high probability of conversion.

To manually set bids for ad networks, enable separate bid management in your strategy settings.

Strategy settings

Daily budget

The minimum daily budget is 300 RUB (see other currencies). Along with your budget, you can set your ad display mode:

  • Standard mode (default) — your ads will either be served at regular intervals throughout the day or during the hours you entered in your time targeting settings. Yandex may switch to budget optimization mode so that your campaign doesn't get disabled when your funds run low. The system will decide if an ad gets to participate in the auction in response to each concrete user query.

  • Distributed display mode — your budget will be spread across the entire day or the period you entered in your time targeting settings. If your budget is not enough for continuous impressions, your ads will get paused periodically.

    If you use high-frequency keywords with a small daily budget or set high bids for keywords, Yandex.Direct can not guarantee that the system will distribute impressions evenly throughout the day. Your available budget may get completely spent at the beginning of the impression period, and no funds will be left for the rest of the day.

You can change your daily budget up to three times a day. If you had active campaigns on the day when you disabled or decreased your daily budget, you may go over your budget on that day. This is because Yandex.Direct may not be able to distribute your funds over that whole day, even if you are using the distributed display mode.

The daily budget runs based on Moscow time, regardless of the time zone you chose for your campaign.

You can change strategies at any time in your campaign settings. If you switch from a manual strategy to an automatic strategy and then back again, the bids you set won't change.