Independent management of search and content sites

This strategy lets advertisers manage the same campaign differently in the ad networks and search sites.

Using this strategy, you can manage the cost per click (CPC) of a campaign separately for ad networks and search sites. You can disable impressions entirely on search sites and develop a campaign specifically for ad networks (ads will be shown on the network if the keyword matches the content of the page or the user's interests).

As a rule, ads and landing pages, created specifically for the displays in the ad networks, have been attracting visitors much more effectively than ads placed simultaneously on search sites and ad networks.

How it works

Advertisers can use the “Independent management” strategy to set the CPC for keywords in the ad networks.

If a phrase has not previously been used to generate impressions in the ad networks, the ad system will not be able to forecast the CPC required to achieve a specific audience coverage until sufficient data has been collected. You'll see a dash next to these phrases in the Audience coverage and CPC in the ad networks column. Advertisers can still set a phrase and CPC and the ad will still be triggered by this keyword if a suitable site is available.

Advertisers can view forecasts for the CPC required to achieve 100%, 50% and 20% audience coverage on the campaign page. The costs are calculated based on statistical data for each keyword and other variables (competition and the current number of relevant content sites). Thus this data serves to give the advertiser a bid estimate, but shouldn't be thought of as a fixed amount.

Low CPC bids for ad networks may reduce the effectiveness of your ads, as the system will not be able to reach the required audience coverage.

  • This strategy can only be used to independently manage campaigns on YAN content sites. The same settings for Yandex main search are applied to ads on YAN search sites.
  • The CPC bids set for a previous strategy will automatically be applied when switching to the “Independent management” strategy for ad networks.
  • Bids for ad networks will be calculated based on bids for search impressions once the “Independent management” strategy is disabled.

Impressions on search enabled

If impressions on search sites are not disabled when you choose the “Independent management” strategy, then only the “Maximum audience coverage” strategy will be available for ad networks. This allows you to manually set prices for keywords in the ad networks and ensures the maximum audience coverage for the given CPC.

One of the following strategies can be used to manage search impressions for the same campaign:

  • ““Highest available position””
  • ““Cheapest position in ad block””
  • ““Impressions to the right of search results””

Impressions in the ad networks run independently of search impressions.

Advertisers can also choose to disable ad impressions on search sites

If impressions on search sites have been disabled, then you can choose your ad networks strategy:

  • “Maximum audience coverage”

  • “Average CPC”

  • “Weekly budget”

  • “Weekly click package”

  • “Average return on investment”

    The strategy is only available for text-image (non-dynamic) ad campaigns.

  • “Average cost per action”

    This strategy is only available for Text & Image Ad campaigns.

  • “Average Cost to Install App”

    This strategy is only available for ads for mobile apps.

Using this strategy with other tools

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