“Impressions to the right of search results”

If the “Impressions Below Search Results” strategy is selected, ads will only be displayed on Yandex's main search in the ad block under the search results.

This strategy is useful if premium placement positions attract too many clicks, leading to an inordinate number of clients.


The advertiser manually sets the CPC for each keyword. Ads will be displayed in ad blocks below the Yandex search results depending on which of the following options is selected:

  • Highest position available

    This option displays ads in the guaranteed placement block in the highest position available for the price the advertiser set. This option is designed for advertisers who want their ads to be displayed in first position in the guaranteed placement block.

  • Minimum cost ad block position

    The goal with this option is for ads to make it into a guaranteed placement position for the minimum possible price. This strategy suits advertisers who want their ads to be displayed on Yandex for every search containing the selected keyword without running through their budget too quickly.

  • Ads will display under the search results in the guaranteed placement block even if the CPC is enough to make it into premium placement. The CPC option for premium placement positions will be grayed out in the Yandex.Direct bid management page.
  • This strategy does not guarantee that ads will always be displayed in guaranteed positions below the search results on all pages. If the price set by the advertiser is not enough for the ad to end up in the guaranteed placement block, the ad will end up in dynamic placement or else not be displayed on the search page.
  • If several advertisers who chose to display ads at a minimum price when working with this strategy were selected for impressions by keyword in the block under the search results, then all ads are guaranteed to end up in the block at a minimum price and get a minimum amount of clicks. This strategy does not guarantee that the ads in the block will be in a certain order.
  • If several advertisers use this strategy in conjunction with the Highest Position Available option to serve ads for a given keyword, then the ad with a combination of the highest CPC, quality coefficient, and CTR forecast will be served in the highest position.

  • This strategy only works on the main Yandex search. On other search sites the ad will be displayed in accordance with the Highest available position strategy.
  • If your campaign ran earlier on any strategy under manual management, you switched to automatic management, and following that you enabled the “Impressions Below Search Results” strategy, then if you switch back to manual management your CPC will be set to match the rate you had initially before switching to an automated strategy.
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