Average CPI

The Average CPI for the week is the ratio of your total weekly budget to the number of mobile app installs that took place that week. This strategy allows you to get the most possible app installations for an average weekly price per installation that comes as close as possible to the value you've set.

The “Average CPI” strategy works best for advertisers who want to increase the number of app installations and already know how much they are willing to pay for every new user.

This strategy is most effective for campaigns that get more than 200 clicks and more than 10 installations per week.


The system attempts to increase the share of clicks on ads and keywords that result in app installations. Bids are automatically selected so as to bring your average cost per install as close as possible to the value you set. You might see fluctuations (both up and down) in the average cost per install over the course of a week.

Ads won't be shown to users who have already installed the app on their phone or tablet (if this was detected with certainty).

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Prerequisites for using the strategy

The app is connected to a tracking system and information about new installs is transmitted to Yandex.Direct

Use one of the tracking systems supported by Yandex.Direct to track new installations.

Enough campaign statistics have been accumulated
  1. At least one user clicked on your ad and installed the app since your campaign was launched.

  2. You've exceeded the threshold for number of installs and clicks in the last 28 calendar days:

    Installations over 28 days + 0.01 × clicks for 28 days ≥ 40

    If the campaign has been running for less than 28 calendar days, the calculation is based on the number of actual installations and the forecasted number of clicks.

    If the chosen strategy uses the “Independent management of search and content sites” setting, then only converted sessions and clicks from ad networks (YAN and ad exchanges) are taken into account.

Strategy settings

Note. The fewer optional limitations you set, the more effectively the strategy will work.
Average CPI

Analyze campaign performance and enter an appropriate value for cost. If the price is low, then bids for effective keywords can't be raised and the number of clicks may fall.

The minimum value for average cost per install is 0.9 rubles (for other currencies).

Weekly budget

You can limit the weekly budget when necessary. The minimum weekly budget is 300 RUB (values for other currencies).

Maximum CPC

You can limit the maximum CPC when necessary. If the maximum CPC is not set, by default it will not exceed 10% of the weekly budget or 450 rubles (the limit for other currencies will be recalculated at the current exchange rate of that currency against the ruble).

It is not recommended to limit the maximum CPC. If you want to control your expenses, set a weekly budget.