Average CPC

This strategy will help you maximize the number of clicks you receive per week while maintaining a preset average CPC. It is particularly useful if you know how much you are willing to pay per customer.

The average CPC is calculated using the weekly budget and number of clicks per week, i.e. the average cost deducted when a potential client clicks on an ad. The average CPC can be specified in the campaign settings menu. The minimum average CPC — 0.9 Rubles (values for other currencies). To determine the average CPC, it's recommended that you use the Budget forecast.

This strategy is most effective for campaigns that receive more than 100 clicks per week. If a campaign contains low-frequency keywords and receives less than 100 clicks per week, the average CPC may be increased, but by no more than double the value.

Once this tool has been activated, the system will automatically adjust your bids for keywords over a week, to maximize your number of visitors. Some bids may be higher than the average CPC specified and others may be lower. The average CPC can be adjusted during the day. However, at the end of the week the average CPC will not exceed that specified by the advertiser. For the limitation to be met, the strategy should run without changes and stops throughout the calendar week.

High, medium or low priority can be given to certain keywords. That way they will get more traffic volume and be the last to get disabled if you run out of funds.

Advertisers can limit the weekly budget where necessary. Minimum budget size is 300 RUB (values for other currencies).