Ad campaign PDF reports

Advertisers can download statistical ad campaign reports in PDF format.

A PDF report is a printable document containing tables and diagrams with statistical information and text descriptions. The document also contains a glossary of terms. These reports can be made for any number of ad campaigns for any time period.

To get a report in PDF-format, first go to the Request reports page, select one or more ad campaigns, the reporting period, and the way you would like the information to be grouped (by day, week, month or year), then click on the Request report button .

You can check whether or not the PDF-report is ready on the Completed reports page. For each report there is a creation date, a set of campaigns, and an accounting period available. The options in the Actions column allow you to download a ready PDF-file or remove it from the list.

The link to the Request reports page can be found at the bottom of the My campaigns page and on the left side of each campaign page.

  • The time required to generate the report depends on the amount of statistical data gathered for a particular campaign, and can take anything between 5 minutes and an hour (or over an hour in rare cases).

  • Up to five reports can be processed simultaneously. If five reports are already being generated, you will need to wait until at least one report is ready before you request the next one.