Statistics: evaluate efficiency of your ads

Get an insight into your statistics to learn your ad campaign results and ways to improve them.


For a campaign aimed at increasing sales or the number of requests, you need to analyze the number of clients who came to you through advertising, the cost of attracting them, and the revenue they brought. For detailed instructions, see the section How to evaluate the results of a performance campaign.

Tools for studying statistics

Reports in the Yandex.Direct interface

Regularly review the reports – they will help you find weak points in your ad campaign and fix them right away. Standard reports allow you to quickly obtain data on the most popular sets of cross sections and metrics. In custom reports in the Report Wizard and the “Search queries” report, you choose the cross sections of data you want to analyze.

Reports in the Yandex Metrica interface

Collect information about user activity on your site, track the achievement of your goals, and compare various segments of your audience and traffic sources. Learn more about analysis of advertising campaigns using Yandex.Metrica.

Monitoring traffic volume

Monitor changes in the volume of traffic from your ad. This can happen, for example, if your search query competitors have changed their bids. Adjust the bid and spend the budget more effectively.

URL parameters

Add special parameters to a link in an ad and study the traffic: you can find out how users got to your site (platform number, ad position, device, and so on).