Impression statistics

You can view reports about your ad campaign after it has become active. Just click View statistics on your campaign page and click the Report wizard tab.

For example, you can view the number of statistics in different formats. To do this, choose Formats in the Cross sections section. In Columns, select Impressions and Clicks. If in the Formats cross section smart banner is indicated, then that means the smart banner will take up all of the ad block when it is served, but if smart ad is indicated then it will only take up part of the ad block.

You can track the performance of your advertising campaign with smart banners by using standard interface reports. The report will be generated in the [ ad | filter ] section.

You can see the queries that triggered the smart ads on search in the Search queries report. Non-relevant queries can be added to negative keywords right from the report.

You can also obtain a report on your advertising campaign performance in XLS or XLSX format. To get the report, go to the Request statistical reports page, select the “Smart banners” report type, select the advertising campaign and reporting period, and click Request report.