Configuring filters

Smart banners are currently in beta testing.

To generate smart banners, you can use the whole feed or individual products selected using filters. On the ad group editing page, click +New filter and add up to 50 filters connected by the conjunction "OR".

To configure the filter: select your target audience, set the product selection rules, and specify the average price (for the “Optimize the number of clicks” or “Optimize the number of conversions” strategies).

Select your target audience

Select one of these options in the drop-down list:

  • Showed interest in similar products on the internet — for users who searched for similar products on the internet, but did not visit your site.

  • Viewed products on my site — for users who visited your site and viewed specific products. In Yandex.Metrica, ecommerce must be configured.

  • Both groups — for users who visited your site and searched for similar products on the internet. Ecommerce must be configured in Yandex.Metrica for this to function correctly. If ecommerce is not configured, smart banners will be shown only to users who search for similar products on the internet.

For the target audience Both groups, you can add one retargeting list.

Set the product selection rules

The selection rules will determine which products to use and which ones to exclude when generating the smart banner. All products are grouped by specific attributes (category, price, etc.). These attributes are displayed as a tree list or list of criteria:

It is convenient to select products within the same category using the feed tree. Select the desired category or sub-category of products in the tree:

In addition, you can specify a range of product prices and vendors, and select only products that are in stock.

It is convenient to select products in the feed with the same parameters by using criteria. This could be, for example, products of a specific brand or price range. The following feed parameters can be specified in criteria:


category ID

Product category ID assigned by the advertiser






Address of page with product


Product name


Product price


Product ID


This products belongs to the “adult” category:

  • true — yes

  • false — no


Age category




Country of origin


Delivery by courier:

  • true — yes

  • false — no


Product description


Product download:

  • true — yes

  • false — no


Official warranty:

  • true — yes

  • false — no


Product category on Yandex.Market


Old product price


Link to image


Customer pickup from delivery point:

  • true — yes

  • false — no


Order information


Product available in retail stores:

  • true — yes

  • false — no


Product type / category

You can specify up to 10 criteria connected by the operator "AND." You can add several ranges linked with the "OR" operator to a condition. To do this, click . When you select a range, the system will select product offerings with parameters that falls within the specified range of values.

When you select the operators contains/does not contain the system will pick the pages where the sequence of characters can be found with the specified spelling (not case sensitive).

Set the average price

If you selected the “Optimize the number of clicks” or “Optimize the number of conversions” strategy, you can assign CPC/CPA in the filter settings.

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