Designing a Smart Banner

Smart banners are currently in beta testing.

Yandex.Direct provides a wide range of smart banner design settings. Here are the key smart banner elements, which you can configure by using various parameters:

We put together some useful tips to help you navigate the settings used for designing smart banners. Experiment with various design options to select the one that results in the highest CTR.

Banner type

This is a key setting that defines the banner size and appearance. In the drop-down list, select the appropriate banner type.


You must add a logo to your smart banner. It will be displayed in the upper part of the smart banner. A click on the logo will lead to the page specified in the Logo link field. Limits:

  • Maximum width and height of the logo is 800 pixels.

  • Maximum file size is 50 KB.

  • Maximum URL length is 20 characters.

Special offer

Describe your promotion or competitive advantage. The text of the special offer should contain no false information.

In the Special offer link field, specify the address of the page that should open when the special offer is clicked. Maximum URL length – 1024 characters.

If your special offer has any restrictions, such as the promotion dates, indicate them in the Legal information about the special offerfield.

Color Scheme

Set the colors of individual elements by specifying your own parameters using the palette (you can open the palette by clicking the color swatch next to its six-digit code). If you need a six-digit Hex code, use the color wizard.


Users can manually scroll through your product offerings within the banner. To enable auto-scrolling of your product offerings, check Auto-scroll carousel/tiles and set the interval time (in seconds) for switching between product offers.

Legal information about the seller

When placing display ads of products, the law по закону “On Advertising” requires that you provide информацию о продавце (name of the legal entity, OGRN and registered address of the store).

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