Creating a Smart Banner

Smart banners are currently in beta testing.

To create a smart banner, follow these steps:

Step 1. Create a smart banner and configure its design

To create a new design, follow the Smart banners link on the campaign editing page and click Create banners in the displayed window. Yandex.Direct provides a wide range of settings for designing smart banners.

Step 2. Upload your feed (product information)

Provide information on your product offerings in the price list in a specific format — a YML file to be filled out in accordance with Yandex requirements. To add a feed, click the Feed management link on the “My campaigns” page and click the Add feed button in the displayed window.

Step 3. Create a campaign

In the Create campaign drop-down menu, select Smart banners. In the campaign settings you must enter a Metrica counter number. Then create a banner group. Select one of your uploaded feeds and add up to 50 banners.

Step 4. Select a strategy

Three automated strategies are available for this type of campaign. Decide what result the system should focus on and select the appropriate strategy:

Step 5. Configure filters

To generate smart banners, you can use the whole feed or individual products selected using filters. On the ad group editing page, click +New filter and add up to 50 filters connected by the conjunction "OR".

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